• Please contact the United Way office at director@kerruw.org or (830) 895-1555 with any questions or concerns.
    Please have your additional documents ready before completing the form. Applications are due June 15th, 2023 by 5pm.
  • Narrative:
    A 1-2 page narrative is preferred but please use up to 4 pages MAX and include the following information:

    • Brief summary of organization history, including the date your organization was established.
    • Brief summary of organization mission and goals.
    • Brief description of organization's current programs or activities, including any service statistics and strengths or accomplishments.
    • Please include supplementary fundraising activities your agency currently conducts.
    • Your organization's relationship with other organizations working with similar missions.
    • Number of full-time paid staff, part-time paid staff and volunteers.
    • Fees charged for your services and the percentage of free services.
    • Counties you serve and the number of individuals served in Kerr County for 2017 and 2018.
    • Number of employees in Kerr County.
    • Number of Board Members in Kerr County.
  • Additional Attachments Requested (if any of requested items are not attached, please provide reason for exclusion):